Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Now & Then

As time goes by I cherish more & more those Christmas photos when my children were small. This year I am reminded of that with this photo Brittany sent to me of our precious Ellie's first Christmas and the excitement of meeting Santa for the first time. It's always a roll of the dice whether or not the kiddos are gonna accept or reject the jolly man in the red suit.
 Ellie seemed to be very comfortable in Santa's chair and smiling so big.

Back in the day, we made many trips to the mall to stand in line and wait for that once a year chance to talk to Santa in person.

Chad & Santa in 1991

Brittany & Chad 1993
Dylan 2003
Looks like he and Santa were having a pretty serious conversation.
Chad 12, Brittany 15, Dylan 18 months

Dylan age 2, when Santa & Barney tied for first place as favorite.

I so enjoy going back to Christmas past and I am also looking forward to the memories we will create for Christmas 2015.
Merry Christmas Everyone.


  1. Hi Karen, what wonderful memories and precious photos from Christmas past. I remember the Santa visit too with my son. He was always happy and smiling big like your kiddos. Looks how darling they are~~ and your new grand is beautiful. What a wonderful photo. Thank you for sharing and so glad to meet you this year. Many blessings be yours my friend and wishing you a very Merry Christmas. xo

    1. Thank you Celestina...I have so enjoyed visiting your lovely blog and look forward to seeing more of your creativity in 2016.
      Merry Christmas to you my friend :)

  2. So cute!! My sons screamed bloody murder on Santa 's lap so after 3 years of what I call the Screaming Meamie pictures, I gave up!!
    Thanks for stopping by again!!
    Merry Christmas!!


  3. Me again!! Wishing you a Happy New Year and thanks agaon for dropping by!!


  4. Awe...enjoyed the pictures! Happy New Year! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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