Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Painted Rug is finished!!

I finished the painted rug that I shared a couple of weeks ago and now have it in my creative space.
This is the area when I first got started. It is very small but will serve as a nice place to sew and craft.
After cleaning and painting my first order of business was to cover that awful floor and not spend too much doing it.
The upstairs office rug (old blue) was moved to the basement and had a date with a roller and paintbrush.
Rolling it black was the easy part...
Stenciling on the other hand was quite time consuming.
Looking at it finished now is very satisfying.
This space (corner) is difficult to get good pictures but hopefully you can see how well it fits the area I wanted to cover.
If you look you can see on the left of the shots that there is a countertop. It is a built in laminate top that will serve as a place to cut fabric and paint. It does not look the greatest but cleans up nicely. I will show it in another post once I have it decluttered and you can actually see the top of it...haha :)
I love how it turned out...and to think I was gonna pitch this rug into the dumpster at one time. So glad it was still hanging around here when I discovered you can paint rugs. Learning a new craft and saving money at the same time?
Next time the ceiling is the portion of this project that will be highlighted. Thanks so much for coming by to visit today.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Another Birthday!!!

Happy Friday!!
We are soon upon the weekend and I will be working on my creative space again. It is coming along very nice and my excitement builds with each project. Hopefully I can show you my finished rug in a few days. Also I finished stripping a table that was in the basement left by the previous owner. I can't decide upon a paint color. Should I just sand it down to bare wood and leave unfinished?? Maybe some suggestions?

Meanwhile there is another January child of mine that I want to wish a Happy Birthday!

Chad is 26!
He is a guy so I know he won't mind me sharing his age...LOL!

This is a recent picture of us on vacation. I sure do miss this young man :(  We definitely had our challenges back in the day... getting through elementary and middle school but once he entered high school things changed for the better and I do say he has turned out to be a very outstanding and responsible adult. Chad is a jack of all, electrical, carpentry, mechanical, you name it he can do it. He is now living and working in North Florida on the emerald coast as an electronics technician.
He loves it there (what's not to love) but hopefully misses his mama :) Thanks for stopping by today and I will be back soon with some pictures of my basement creative space.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sewing/Craft Room Project: A Painted Rug

Hello everybody. I hope you all had a great week! As promised it's time to share some of my sewing/craft room project.
I was really unsure where to start with it. Here is the pic I shared recently of the space.
The walls will remain unfinished so they were cleaned and painted with some of the 10 gallons of free paint that I have used for other projects so far.
We have paper on the floor so walking over it won't create a huge mess elsewhere. There were old tiles covering all of the living area of the basement and my darling pulled them up to expose the concrete. What he did not know was there was a black adhesive that was used to lay the tiles and it is near impossible to remove, unless you walk across it... then it comes off pretty easily (on your shoes) The decision is to cover it with some moisture resistant tiles we found at the home improvement store. They fit together like puzzle pieces and will serve as a barrier between the nasty black coated concrete and flooring we decide upon later.
I am a bit impatient as to when that process will get started so something temporary will do to make the space usable.
I had been eyeing a rug in our office upstairs (more like wishing it would disappear) it belongs to my darling and finally I was able to convince him it would be best to put this thing out of it's misery.
My plan was not to throw it out though. It measures the same size as my craft space (he did not know that yet) and with a little TLC will make a good temporary floor covering. Hmmm...temporary is supposed to be something quick and easy, right? That kinda didn't happen. You see, the rug is old and need to say anymore.
 Painting a rug is something I have never tried before and if this does not work I won't be out much except 1/2 gallon of paint.
 Sherwin Williams -  Tricorn Black SW 6258 is my choice for the main body of the rug. Most tutorials recommend using chalk paint (it makes the surface a little less stiff) so I mixed up 1/2 gallon of paint, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cup of Plaster of Paris. That is my chalk paint recipe.

A plastic drop cloth was placed under the rug in case it bleeds through.
The body of the rug will be rolled using a 9" x 1/4" nap cover and I am making sure to soak it well with paint so it won't need a second coat. Here is the rug halfway completed. I am already liking the difference :)

It was checked after 2 days of drying and still felt a little damp so 2 more days were necessary to make sure it was completely dry and ready for the designs.
I knew what I wanted the rug to look like but was coming up empty on ideas to make it happen. I kept looking around the house and then there it was, the design on my master bedroom comforter. It would be perfect to create the look I was going for.
Wax paper would work to lay on top of the comforter since it is transparent and a black sharpie for tracing. Since the wax paper was only 11.9" wide and the design was almost twice that,  I had to trace twice and piece together with tape to make one whole template.
The template was taped to the rug to secure it so the outside could be traced with a white chalk marker. One design was done in each corner and one in the middle of the rug.

 The inside was then cut out along my lines with an
exacto knife. I placed it back on the rug to trace the interior design and decided to pin it this time cause it was very thin and moved around too easily.
And now here comes more of that free paint I got at work. It is neutral and works well for a lot of projects. I mixed it up the same way with the chalk recipe and a small brush will be used to hand paint inside the design that was traced. So it was time to start.
 I painted...
and painted..... 
paint paint paint....
It took way longer than planned to get these designs done with the holidays in full swing soon after this project was started.
My biggest challenge though was staying in the lines and not having drips everywhere. Touch-ups were made with leftover black paint and believe me, there were a lot of touch-ups. This is one of five designs and I will show the completed rug in a later post. I am very happy with how it turned out and can hardly wait to get it in my little creative space.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Birthday!!

Hope everyone is off to a good start for 2016.
I wanted to start this post by wishing a Happy Birthday to my daughter Brittany!

She has a huge heart, a love for people and I am so proud to be her Mama! It seems like it was just a short time ago I was holding her in my arms and now she is a Mama herself to a precious baby girl.
It still seems like a dream that I am now a Nana :)

Now that the holidays are past us I am back to working on the unfinished basement (which I spoke briefly about but have not posted any of) A small corner of the basement that adjoins my laundry room is being transformed into a craft/sewing area. It is VERY small, approximately 7' x 10'. This is how it looked when I first started back in late summer.

and the ceiling...not so easy to get good pictures in such a tiny space...sorry.

It is a slow process as this is a project that is being done by using as many materials as possible that we already have leftover from other projects. It is quite challenging to me to save money and use left over wood, paint, fabric etc. I will be back in a couple of days to share some of the progress. Thanks for coming by to visit and have a great day!