Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Goodbye to My Pink Bathroom Update

It's a rainy cold day here in Iowa. They are talking about snow tomorrow...WHAT? I thought we were done with all that white stuff. Hopefully it won't stick around very long if it does.
I have a few pics to share of our bathroom in the beginning stages of demo. It's not a pretty sight.
See that monster size hole in the wall? That was the first unexpected surprise and they kept coming. My darling pulled up the flooring to discover that the sub floor was wet in the area surrounding the toilet. It would have to be replaced.
I did my best to get photos of him as he prepared to tear this out while staying out of the way too!  It's an extremely small space and this floor issue took up much of the time he had expected to spend elsewhere. He is a good man and I am so thankful he was willing to roll up his sleeves and do this himself instead of hiring it out.
This is the tile that was under the carpet. Hmmm...not sure why they covered it up. It definitely had the 50s look just like the tile.
In the upper left corner you can see where the subfloor is coming out.
The best way for this gal to help was giving lots of encouragement, iced tea breaks and helping with the removal of anything that had to go to the garage or dumpster.
I am also in charge of cleaning up some of the old hardware that we are planning to reuse. I am pretty handy with steel wool and paint :)
With some of the obstacles we have encountered this job that had a
two week time table is now looking to run us another week or two more. My darling is back at work so our weekends will be spent with this bathroom remodel until it is finished. Thank goodness we have another full bath. I will be back to share more of our progress soon.
Happy Wednesday :)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good Bye to my Pink Bathroom

Moving into our 1959 ranch home, I could not see what in the world would make the main floor bathroom look even close to pretty. My budget was next to nothing so creativity was certainly going to be necessary.
I thought when the time came to renovate this space it would be a very happy day, instead I'm finding myself kinda sad that the time has come to say good bye to the pink and black.
This is crazy ya'll. Everything is dated, and the fixtures are why am I feeling such a loss here?
The sink has a few stains that just don't come out no matter how hard you scrub.
The mirror and medicine cabinets take up almost an entire wall in this small space...
but this is what got everything started...Carpet : /
May be fine for some but I have never liked the idea of carpet in a bath and it has been a few years now so we decided it's time for new flooring.
But guess what? One thing surely leads to another.
The toilet has to come out to make way for new flooring.
If the toilet comes out might as well take the vanity out since it is too big but then we are left with an almost bare wall and no more of the 50s pink tile to cover it.
So...everything goes but the bathtub. We are having it refinished and I will spare you looking at it up close now, it's pretty old and icky! I dressed the bath up to make it a more pleasing space to be in till something more could be done. So what do you do with
Pink and Black tile? Maybe a New York City glamour look, sort of a retro feel. I purchased two black panels that had silver metallic stripes with some sequins. I shortened them since they were next to the toilet. They framed the window nicely and gave it a much softer look.
I found this picture at Wal-Mart and knew it would take up the wall space over the tub.
Perfect fit :)
I even bought a t-shirt that proudly proclaims I saved a Pink Bathroom. Ya know? I might as well go all out in my efforts to embrace this room.
My darling is taking his "staycation" and my pink bathroom will soon be no more. I have picked out the new vanity, toilet, flooring etc.. and I know it will be a huge improvement and so much easier to keep clean. Shopping for new towels and other treasures should be fun too.
One last look before taking it all apart.
Demolition day is tomorrow. Good bye little pink bathroom.

Friday, March 4, 2016

One Year Ago

It is hard to believe that my little granddaughter Ellie just turned ONE!
 I made the tutu and headband she is wearing in this picture and mailed it so it would be there for my little princess on her special day. We did not have the big one year party as my daughter and SIL had planned. Instead they are currently moving away from their apartment and city life in Atlanta to their first house in the country!
It has a backyard for playtime outside.
They really wanted to celebrate big and were a bit disappointed that there would be no time during the move for the party.
I think that the house with the backyard is a perfect birthday gift for a little girl who is starting to walk :)
They snapped a few pictures for me all while trying to move.
She looks a little annoyed with her beads.
Guess the life of a princess is not so easy LOL!!

Okay, where did the time go??
Seems like it was just last week that I saw this little bundle of sweetness for the first time.

Have I really been a Nana for one year now?

The trip to Atlanta is a long one from Iowa but oh so worth it when I see this precious little face smiling at me.

We have enjoyed shopping together...
and the occasional selfie.

Can hardly wait to hold my special girl in my arms again.
I am one PROUD Nana :)

Happy 1st Birthday!

Have a fabulous weekend everybody!!