Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Start of Summer

Summer is here and I have not posted now in a month! So much has been going on and honestly I have not felt much like writing. We did have an exciting beginning of June though. Our 8th grader graduated middle school and will be heading to high school in the fall.
I was able to get a picture of the gymnasium as we walked in and thank goodness I did! It was so crowded and pretty much impossible to get photos of our students as they crossed the stage.
After the ceremony there was a very nice reception in the cafeteria.
It was a chance to get one last look at the halls of the school and also a chance for me (mom) to realize that my youngest is going to high school. I have done all this before but somehow when it is the last one it seems kind of sad and final. I won't be visiting the school any longer for Parent/Teacher Conferences, picking up early to go to the dentist and dropping him of in the mornings on my way to work. :(

I went through a similar realization when it was time to leave elementary and go to middle school. I would eat breakfast with him in the school cafeteria every morning when he was in kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade. Once in 3rd grade they informed us parents that it was time for the students to start "growing up" and they would be on their own for breakfast. What?!! They can't take this from me...I have to hold on as long as I can. I have no more
"little ones".

Since then I am getting better with this growing up thing...LOL! Next year we will be in the stands watching our freshman saxophone player participate in the marching band. That I am so very excited for!

The thing that has really been bothering me and I have been totally consumed with for the last month is the loss of my wedding ring set. My darling and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in September and the ring is just a memory.
My rings are often removed when working on projects and this time were left on top of the microwave in the kitchen. 
Big Mistake!

A neighbor whom we do not know well at all stopped by and my darling let her in. He called to me to come up from the basement and left the kitchen to return to his work. A few minutes later I arrived upstairs spoke with the neighbor and later went back for my rings and they were gone. Looking everywhere my hope was that they had fell on the floor, under the refrigerator, anywhere.

 I wanted what I was thinking to be wrong. Accusing someone of theft is a very serious matter. After days of doing nothing but looking and looking over and over and driving myself to the point of tears it was time to stop and face it. A police report was made and pictures of the ring distributed at all the local pawn shops.

I am sad for the person who felt desperate enough to take something like this. My prayer is for God to help me not feel anger but to place in my heart compassion for others and to recognize everything that he has blessed me with. A loving, caring husband, family, friends and all of you whom I have never met face to face. Good friends who I can share my thoughts and feelings with.

My blessings continue as I still have both of my parents. Father's Day was spent pampering my darling and visiting my Daddy on the phone. I ordered a package of some fun family movies and had them shipped. He received the package in time to enjoy them on Father's Day while relaxing in his favorite recliner :)

 This picture was of a recent Father's Day in Florida when my brother and I took Daddy to his favorite buffet for lunch.
Hopefully a trip to Florida to visit will be sooner than later.
Meanwhile the summer weather is a refreshing change for me here in Iowa. Sundresses and sandals are my favorites and I intend to make the most of the time I have to wear them before the weather starts changing again. Hope all of you are enjoying your time outside and all the fun activities of the season.
Till next time,


  1. Karen I enjoyed your share of your son's 8th grade graduation and the photos off the celebration ... Then I read about your wedding ring set and my heart sank. How anyone could do that is so sad and Karen I hope they return it. Please let us know what becomes of this situation.

    1. Thank you my friend...I am hoping it is returned too. I will let you know :)

  2. Awe Karen, sweet post. It is hard when we enter the milestones of life with our children isn't it? I think we all as parents do this same thing. I will never forget the year my oldest daughter graduated HS. All within one year of time she graduated HS, completed one year of college was engaged to be married. WOW! A BIG milestone for this mama. I find myself doing the same thing with my grandchildren. WHERE the time go? Life is a circle. I am so sad for you about your rings my friend. I do hope and pray they are recovered. If theft was involved that makes me SPITTING mad! Maybe soon you can make that family visit to Florida! Lots of sunshine here right now! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Yes Cindy, I am trying to soak up every moment with Dylan because as we all know, high school goes by so quickly! Thank you for sharing your experience with your daughter. Take Care my friend :)

  3. The time goes by so quickly! Enjoy it while he's still home My "baby" is 41 and the time has just vanished. Did you take your dad to Sweet Tomatoes? So sorest sorry about your rings. What possesses people to do things like that?

    1. Yes it does go by so fast! We took him to a local place called Homer's, it is a huge buffet and they have sugar free desserts that Daddy loves... he has type 2 diabetes. Thank you for visiting today Donna :)

  4. Congrats to Dylan. They do grow up so fast. It's summer, therefore sometimes we get caught up being outdoors more and enjoying the sunshine and activities. I am so sorry your wedding rings were taken. I hope they are found. Blessings to you and yours Karen.

    1. He is enjoying the local pool which is a short walk from our home. Next summer he is planning to have a job. Thanks for visiting today Linda :)

  5. Dear Karen, Congrats to your son and his graduation from middle school. They grow up so fast. What a beautiful photo of you with your son. Best wishes to him as he goes off to high school in the fall.
    I am so sorry your beautiful wedding rings were taken. I hope and pray they are found and you get those precious rings back.
    Wishing you a wonderful summer weekend ahead. Blessings xo

  6. Oh Karen, I am so very sorry about your rings. It's hard enough to lose something so precious, but when it's stolen by someone you know...well, it's truly disheartening. I hope they are returned to you, and soon.

    I know how you feel with your youngest getting older. It's bittersweet for sure.


  7. Karen, I feel for you, as I experienced similar feelings with my youngest and then grieved as my two oldest spread their wings and moved out of state. I am so sorry about your wedding rings and hope you get them back soon! Blessings, Cecilia

  8. That's so sad about your rings! And I remember the year my older daughter was graduation from high school - I cried every single time anything came up about graduation for her entire senior year!


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