Sunday, December 18, 2016

Card Holder and A Thrifted Little Tree

Hello Friends!
Today I will share some more Christmas projects with y'all. I have really been challenging myself this year to spend very little by shopping the thrift stores or spend nothing by using things that have been in my storage bins for years and years. Ya know, lots of decorations that look old and outdated can be fixed up with fabric or paint. This card holder was fun and super easy to make.

This is what it looked like when I found it at the back of our property...minus the dirt and debris that was covering it.

This weathered beauty was leaning up against the fence and behind a large shrub when I discovered it. Apparently it has been there for many years. It is weathered warped and just perfect! You can probably see where twine is already on it in this first picture. My excitement gets me going so fast sometimes that I don't stop to take a picture. All I had to do was tie twine around this wood-window-looking-thing at the top and in the middle. Next I had my darling cut a piece of scrap wood for me (still not comfy with that saw yet) and I stained it, let it dry overnight then painted it using white chalk paint. I used the Vaseline distressing technique for the first time and it works great. This will be a sign that attaches to the top.

Next came some red letters painted on it. When the letters had dried overnight it was lightly sanded.

To attach the sign to the top of the wood-window-looking-thing some hooks that are made for doing that would have been nice but...none to be found so here are my homemade ones  (don't judge me)

Some wire and a staple gun. Yes, this is probably a big no-no but it will do for now. First staple, not so good so maybe three more will hold? After that I added 2 nails to the wood-window-looking-thing and then hung my sign on it.

I added some little thrifted stockings with some old clothes pins to give it a fun look until Christmas cards start arriving in the mail.

Once the cards start coming you can just slide the little stockings over to make room. 

Now check out this little tree I found at Salvation Army for $2.07! It is woodland and already has the pine cones attached and a twig star on the top. 

All it needed was to be reshaped and some woodland ornaments to match the star.
 This adorable cabin was also an SA find and I sure do wish there had been more of these.

I had 4 little wooden houses that were pulled off a Goodwill wreath and now with some book pages and ribbon added they fit well with the woodland tree.

I needed a stand since the tree is so small so I borrowed an old crate from the garage and turned it on it's side. The tree fits well and is now just the right height. Can you believe this crate is used to hold scrap wood? What a waste, it will eventually come inside to live :)

I currently have my toaster oven on a small side table but this wall is begging for something more like a buffet! I am on the hunt for one that is old and scratched and needs new life. Hopefully it will be here in the kitchen by next Christmas.


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  2. Such sweet little houses Karen! I see you have an affinity for moose. You should hang out in our neck of the woods a bit. You're bound to see one or two before long. ;).


    1. I do love moose and deer, they add such a woodland feel even if you live in the city like me! Your cabin is awesome and it would be fun to hang out with you and see some wild life ☺

  3. Love the card holder and the way you decorated the Tree!! The bird houses are so cute!! Thanks so much for visiting!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Karen, you are a girl after my own heart! I love your rustic Christmas decorations and the fact that they are frugal finds. You really have vision, and that's what it takes to make thrifty work the way it does in your home. If I didn't know better, I'd say you found everything at an upscale Christmas store. I just love your tree with the cute houses, and the card holder is sheer genius. Well done. I have no doubt that you will find just the right piece to replace the little toaster oven table and that it will be amazing when you give it "new life". Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy, encouragement is always appreciated! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas:)

  5. Karen, this is just the cutest! I'm pinning and sharing on FB too! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm! Merry Christmas!


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