Saturday, January 28, 2017

Barney the Magenta Dinosaur??

Hello Friends!
Well, January is winding down and so are my projects for my little Ellie's birthday. Earlier this month I showed y'all some of the things on my to-do-list for this month. You can see that post here.
Anyway, I ordered a Barney sheet off Ebay to get rolling with all the stuff to make for her birthday.

It is a twin size top sheet which has given me enough for a blanket and lots more fun things to create, but for now we are concentrating on getting all of this ready for a big Barney Birthday bash!

It seems over the years I had forgotten that Barney really is not that purple. The minky dot fabric  (also another Ellie obsession) is purple and Barney is actually Magenta! Maybe she won't notice :)

I cut out a Barney figure from the sheet and added some heat and bond and we now have a cute little top for the birthday girl! The hair bow was a last minute idea with some ribbon I found while browsing the fabric store.

Same thing with the tutu...lots of purple that is way darker than this dinosaur!

Remember the vintage pillowcases and the pile of scrap ribbon and lace?
My vision was to create a dress with lots of fullness and a vintage look.

It was a fun project except for some of the mistakes and the time spent ripping out seams to start over. Working without an actual pattern is not something I have had lots of practice with, so consulting with my Aunt Thelma (who is an excellent seamstress) for some sewing tips and words of encouragement was a huge help :)

It is finally finished and now we have a sweet little shabby chic dress with bloomers and a hair bow!

I am super excited to get some pictures of my girl and will be back to share them with y'all soon.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Busy January

Hello Friends!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We did, and 2017 is off to a busy start around here! We have 3 January birthdays, mine included, and now we have added a February birthday since the birth of our grand baby Ellie. Of course, like everyone else I am looking at my house and the bareness of it all since Christmas came down. It will take a while to get things back in complete order as my hands are super busy with "birthday" stuff.
Today I want to wish my lovely daughter Brittany Happy Birthday!

Brittany and Ellie enjoying ice cream
We had quite a scare over the summer when she became ill and was hospitalized for over a month! The Lord was with her and us and I am happy to say she continues to do better with each new day. In fact, she tells me that she feels "amazing" which is such a blessing!
Ellie will turn 2 in February and that just blows my mind!
 Time is going way too fast....seems like this was just last week.

Spending one on one time with my daughter and granddaughter is not always possible with the distance between us so this Nana loves to make things for her special girl. Now, what started out as just a new birthday blankie has turned into a blankie, a pillowcase and a birthday tutu outfit. Here are some of my supplies, but there are more coming.

All this purple and green are because we (Ellie) are now obsessed with Barney the purple dinosaur! Do y'all know that Barney stuff is almost impossible to find? I do because it had to be ordered from Ebay as it is no longer in production.

But wait, now my attention has turned to these nifty pillowcase dresses that are on Pinterest.
This is just adorable and she has to have it!

  I am working and praying that these pillowcases and heaps of lace become a shabby chic creation by Nana!
 We will see if all this gets done and mailed out on time.

I'll be back soon with the finished products :)