Monday, February 13, 2017

Chalkboard Valentine Banner

Happy Valentines Day 💕
Today I wanted to share a simple chalkboard banner that was so easy to create and really adds some charm to the kitchen hutch.

Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite places to shop and the last trip there I discovered this fun chalkboard banner kit.

Since I already have my chalkboard markers this would be an easy project to put together in no time.
I picked up a stencil pack from WalMart cause free hand lettering is not something I have mastered yet and maybe never will :)

To add some color to the banner I remembered some little hearts that I had stitched up for last Valentines Day.

I added the hearts in between each of the lettered pieces of the banner.
Some other touches of red are added to the hutch as well.

These little love bears have been packed away for a while so it was time to bring them out to enjoy.

One of my most treasured items is this beautiful pot holder that my granny crocheted. I use it as a doily though, it is just too pretty to mess up with pots and pans.

Since the hutch was moved into the kitchen this past Fall, it has provided so many opportunities to decorate for different seasons and holidays.

I hope all of you have a lovely Valentines Day 💕

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Surprises in the Mail

Hey Friends! 
You know there is nothing like getting an unexpected delivery to your door, especially when it is from loved ones or friends who are so far away. My birthday is over so I was not expecting a package to arrive addressed to me!

What a nice surprise! A taste of North Georgia in the form of grits, pancake mix and buttermilk cornbread mix...YUM! How about this fun card signed by my sweet Grandgirl Ellie, in green crayon. That just makes this Nana's heart melt :)

These 3 bags are filled with fresh stone ground goodness at the Logan Turnpike Mill in Blairsville, Georgia, where I once lived. You never realize how much you miss this kind of treat until it is no longer available anytime you like.


 It's no secret how much I LOVE grits and my daughter Brittany and my sweet SIL were so thoughtful to send this package to me as an after birthday surprise!

Back in December I received a package all the way from England! It was from my tea cup exchange buddy Dawn, from At Home in Cornwall
She sent this lovely card :)

Also with the card was this adorable handmade heart ornament! It looks great on my tree and I also plan to use it as part of my Valentines Day decor!
Thank you Dawn! I am so grateful for your friendship :)

Take some time to visit her blog where she shares her darling handmade vintage and shabby chic items and also lots of DIY projects!