Sunday, March 5, 2017

Recent Thrift Store Finds

Hey Friends!
Happy March to you all! Can you believe Spring is just around the corner? It seems like we have not had much of a winter here in Iowa this year and that is fine by me! The snow is very pretty when it is fresh fallen, but after that it turns into a mess! Little snow has offered me the opportunity to thrift shop more than usual.
 I don't usually make a special trip, but when I am out on errands it has become a part of my routine to stop and see what treasures they have. My number one rule when thrift shopping is to get rid of some things that are no longer being used at the same time, ya know, so my darling won't keep reminding me about the tendencies of hoarding :)  Here are some fun finds that have come home with me recently to use for Spring decorating.
These scalloped edge doilies were $1.50 each. They will look great on the coffee table together or separately on end tables.

 Normally I don't buy candles that have been lit already, but this one is soy and in a farmhouse style jar! No way I could pass it up!

Upon further investigation, I found it is from the Milk house Creamery located right here in Iowa! There are several local retailers who carry these candles and it will be interesting to see how many places I can find that stock them.
 It is so much fun to stumble across things like this just from a trip to the thrift store!

 This candle is a wonderful scotch pine scent and I am eager to light it soon.

These milk bottle candles in a basket would really add some farmhouse style to any room!


I also picked up this small galvanized bucket, it will be nice with some daisies for Spring.  For now though, I added some berries.

A galvanized tissue box cover.

A glass pitcher with a tarnished handle and spout will make a nice vase.

This cloche is perfect except the base was a little too dark.

 A good sanding and whitewash freshened it up for displaying some Easter decor.

I am planning to use this cloche to display some vintage Easter eggs and greenery.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!