Monday, November 30, 2015

Wood Message Board

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Ours was so special, lots of turkey and even more hugs and smiles all around.
Time with family is so very precious....and thanking our Lord for all his many blessings.

I love creating gifts for family & friends. My sweet friend (Dawn) at work is like a sister to me, we share office space and a very unique friendship. Her birthday was last week and I had been struggling to come up with a gift idea. Then I remembered seeing a cute wood message board at my daughters the last time I went to Atlanta for a visit and thought...I can make one of those!!

Please excuse hot glue strings, I snapped a picture before that was cleaned up. I knew that I wanted to try to make this message board out of materials that were on hand in the garage and my craft stash.
Mr. Darling found some board that had been saved when he removed some old shelving from the basement. Once a decision was made on the size (approx. 8 1/2" x 11") he got to work measuring for the cuts.

I have not graduated to a saw like this yet so I observed and took pictures.

Next we used 5/8" wood dowel rod that he had several of.
He cut them 5" long and they will be the stands that support the message board.
We measured the back of the board to drill holes for the dowels.
I sanded it some but not completely, leaving several stain marks might look better since this wood is pine. 
I watered down some of my homemade chalk paint to just lightly go over the surface. My daughter is a stylist and sometimes I get her old hair color application brushes. This one did a nice job.

After the first application dried it needed something else to give it more of a weathered look. I like using acrylic paints and watering them down to use like stain. I lightly brush it on then wipe it off with a cotton cloth.

There was no method to this, I just kept applying the two colors and wiping off  till I was happy with the way it looked. 
There was leftover burlap wire ribbon from fall bouquets and it would make a great bow at the top of the board. 
 Wood glue for the dowels and let it dry overnight.
 I did buy some small wood letters to paint and attach to personalize it. A clothespin was painted and attached with hot glue just below the burlap bow to hold pictures, notes or whatever she likes.
Dawn and her husband have been building a cabin in the timber for a couple of years now. Its gonna make a great getaway for them and maybe this little message board can be a nice addition to her cabin d├ęcor. 

She liked it a lot... I liked seeing a big smile on my dear friends face!
 Thanks for stopping by to visit.
Have a great Day!


  1. Hi Karen, what a wonderful project and great gift. You and your hubby did a beautiful job. Love the shade of paint you created for the background and the burlap ribbon bow is perfect. I can imagine how your friend loved it.
    Thanks for sharing and the steps you used. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving too.
    Enjoy the first week in December. xo

    1. Thank you for stopping by today Celestina and thank you for your comment on the project.
      I hope you have a wonderful week as well :)

  2. Karen- What a cute idea. I bet she did love it! It is a perfect gift for a cabin, too. Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana, It was my first try at one...maybe I will make more of them soon.
      Thanks for stopping by to visit. Take Care

  3. How cute, Karen! Thanks for being a new follower ~ returning the visit ;) I've added you on Pinterest & Google+. Have a wonderful evening!

  4. What a sweet and perfect gift. I love it! And yes...Give Thanks to Christ for all things. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Awesome projects! I love to craft but have had so little time to do so lately! Maybe soon. Have a happy Friday!!

  6. What a sweet gift. One could even display a photo or a pretty card. I came over from Kris's Junk Chic Cottage. Welcome. xoxo Su

  7. What a wonderful gift to give to a friend!! I think hand made gifts always mean so much more...
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Hi Karen
    read all about you on JUnk Chic Cottage while you were in the spotlight LOL


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